Uses for Blunt-Tip Syringes

31st Jan 2014

Uses for Blunt-Tip Syringes

Blunt-Tip SyringesWhen you think of syringes, you usually think of getting shots with sharp needles, but not all syringe needles are sharp. Blunt-tip syringes also have a wide variety of uses. From medical to pet care to crafting, these syringes come in a variety of sizes to fit every need.

Refilling Ink Cartridges

To save money on ink cartridges, many owners now use refill kits. These kits contain ink and a blunt-tipped syringe for injecting the ink into a small hole in the cartridge. The problem is that the syringes are usually cheaply made, so they break easily. If you own a business with multiple copiers or refill your cartridges often, you need quality blunt-tip syringes that last.

Feeding Small Birds

Bird breeders often remove baby birds from the parents before they are weaned in order to hand tame them. These babies are hand fed using a blunt-tipped syringe to put the food into their mouths. This mimics the parents' using their own beaks to regurgitate food into the baby bird's beak. Using quality syringes keeps your cost down and is safer for the baby birds.

IV Medicine Administration

Blunt-Tip SyringesNurses and hospitals use blunt-tipped syringes to inject medication into an IV line. They also use them to flush the IV line with saline solution if it becomes clogged. Those who care for family members at home will find that the blunt-tip syringes are safer than using sharps for this purpose.

Administering Medication to Animals

Blunt-tip syringes are used by vets and pet owners to administer medication to animals. It is more effective to squirt the medication directly into his mouth than trying to get him to take it on his own.

Dispensing Glue

Woodworkers and crafters use blunt-tip syringes to dispense glue into tight places or in small amounts. They are often used to lay a bead of glue along a narrow surface. They are also useful for filling small cracks in surfaces with the appropriate material.

Refilling Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes contain a vaporizing liquid that must be refilled regularly. Long blunt-tip syringes are used to inject the liquid into the electronic cigarette vapor canister.

Whatever your reason for using a blunt-tip syringe, think of quality above price. Buying syringes that last saves you trouble and money in the long run.

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