How To Inject A Needle

31st Jan 2014

How To Inject A Needle

Steps to Inject A Needle Properly

Inject A NeedleSeveral prescriptions necessitate injections to be completed at home. This, in turn, has a need for suitable preparation and proper attention with the purpose of avoiding wounds or contagions. 

The below information will demonstrate how to accurately dispense two kinds of at-home injections:

• Subcutaneous (into the fat underneath the skin) 
• Intramuscular (into the muscle)

At all times abide by the directions provided by your doctor. Read the directions that are associated with your prescription. 

Preparation: Gather the prescription and needle. Make certain that the needle is antiseptic and new.
Certain prescriptions arrive ready-to-use, while others call for you to fill the needle with medicine from a vial. In this circumstance, disinfect the cap of the vial with rubbing alcohol and remove the needle from its container.
Read the directions on the prescription to decide the quantity of fluid you will have need of. Pull the plunger to fill the needle with air, equivalent to the precise quantity of fluid required. Grasping the vial upside down, inject the needle, and push the plunger down. This will insert all of the air from the needle into the vial which will equilize the pressure within the vial once you extract your medication. Pull the plunger out to extract the fluid. 

Keep in mind that the needle used for an intramuscular injection is not the same as the needle utilized for a subcutaneous injection.

Dispensing an Injection

Inject A Needle1. Decide the injection spot centered on your doctor’s directions. You must use an ample area, such as the upper arm for a subcutaneous injection. The buttock or upper thigh must be used for an intramuscular injection. 
2. Cleanse the skin on and around the spot with rubbing alcohol. Let the alcohol dry prior to dispensing the injection. 
3. Clutch the spot using your free hand.
4. Inject the needle rapidly and cautiously at a 45 degree angle.
5. Release the skin with your free hand.
6. Draw the plunger out to some extent in order to find out whether there is blood in the plunger.  This is called aspiration.
- If blood is discovered, cautiously take out the needle and locate another site to dispense the injection. 
- If there is not any blood, carry on. 
7. Gently inject the prescription. Drive the plunger down up until all of the fluid has been discharged. 
8. Press down on the skin directly above the injection spot and rapidly and cautiously take out the needle in the similar angle in which it was dispensed. 
9. Cover the area with either a Band-Aid or strip of gauze for approximately half an hour. 

Tips to Keep in Mind:

• Chill the injection area with ice prior to dispensing the injection in order to lessen soreness. 
• At all times tell the patient to divert their attention and to allow that body part to go limp. This significantly diminishes the possibility of the injection being painful. 
• Vary between injection spots in order to stop bruising or pain. 
• Always be careful while injection medicine. Make sure your full attention is on the injection. 
• A pain reliever given a half hour before the injection may prevent continued soreness. 

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