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diabeticIt can be financially challenging, tiring and draining for diabetics to keep up with their insulin shots each day, which is why we allow them buy needles and syringes at discounted prices or in bulk. Our goal is to make life easier for those individuals who need to use syringes on a regular basis. Some people have to buy blood glucose meters and other products in order to maintain the right insulin supplies. These expenses can add up. Some diabetics spend tons of money on test strips alone each year because they need to be replaced often. Other necessary expenses could include foot care products and doctor’s visits.

If you buy your insulin supplies online, you can save more money in multiple ways. There are many online vendors that offer diabetic products are more affordable prices. While some online vendors mark up their prices disproportionately, we take great pride in offering incredible bulk discounts to all our customers. We offer guaranteed shipping and same day processing, which means you can count on receiving your supplies when you need them without worrying about running out.

Purchasing in Bulk

We make it easy to order your syringes and needles in bulk. Our wholesale supplies are designed to make the treatment of your disease more affordable. There’s no reason to buy needles from anyone else. We make sure your order is fulfilled on a timely basis.

We Have the Supplies You Need

needlesWhen doing business online, you have to select the right supplier for your diabetic products. We are a reputable online vendor that can promise you the lowest prices for the products you need. We understand it is a hassle to inject insulin, but it is a necessary task that ensures your health and wellbeing. When you buy needles from us, you don’t have to add an additional stressor in your life.

We make sure it is easy to contact our customer service representatives. During business hours, you can call us or visit our website to talk to someone online in real time. You never have to worry about whether you will talk to a real person or must deal with an automated number.

Our goal is to make buying your needles and syringes fast and easy. We know you have many choices for your diabetic supplies and are pleased to offer our customers the level of service they deserve. Yu can order the number of syringes and needles you need for the next month or even longer and they will be on your doorstep within a couple of days.

Safe Needles

Buy needles from us so you can be sure you are getting the safest possible option. We take your safety and health seriously. All of this is available at low prices, especially when you purchase needles in bulk.

Diabetic supplies can sometimes be hard to come by, and when you are out, it is a life or death situation. From ordering blood glucose meters and testing tools, to purchasing the specifically-designed insulin needles and syringes, locating and paying for these items can be financially and emotionally draining.

Insulin needles are different than traditional hypodermic needles. While hypodermic needles come in a wide variety of diameters, or gauges, and lengths, insulin needles are typically thinner and shorter. The hypodermic needles need to be able to penetrate much deeper, while an insulin needle only needs to deliver insulin into the tissue right under the skin. For that reason, four to five millimeters is an appropriate needle size.

If you purchase a shorter needle, or one that is less than five millimeters long, you’ll be able to directly inject the insulin at a 90-degree angle without having to pinch your skin. However, with long needles, it can be better to pinch the skin to ensure that you don’t inject insulin into the intramuscular tissue.

Purchasing your diabetic supplies online, including insulin needles and syringes, can help you pinpoint the exact gauge and size you need for prompt, painless insulin delivery.