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How To Make Jello Shooter Syringes


What are Jello shooters?

Jello shooter syringesJello Shots, also known as Jello shooters, are one of the latest and hottest party drink trends. Basically, a Jello shot is a portion of Jello, everyone’s favorite gelatinous snack, with a portion of alcohol in it. It’s easy to see why Jello shots have become such a popular drinking trend at all kinds of parties. Not only are they cute, colorful, and involve two of everyone’s favorite things (alcohol and a sweet snack), but taking lots of Jello shots is a fun, neat, and inventive way to ingest a generous amount of booze (always drink responsibly!) without having to endure it’s painful, burning taste. Instead, they taste very sweet!

So how do you make Jello shots?

Jello shots are fun and easy to make at home, right before a party! They can be all kinds of different colors that Jello products come in. They can even match the colors of any themed party that you plan on bringing them to, such as your school team’s colors if you are heading to a party on campus.

First you will need

  • 2oz. plastic cups and lids (that can be purchased from any local restaurant party store)

Then, you will need

  • A 3oz. package of Jello gelatin or powder
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • A half cup of cold water
  • A large mixing bowl
  • A whisk or a spoon

Jello shooter syringesAnd then

  • a half cup of any type of alcoholic beverage that you desire and prefer (it could be vodka, rum, or any other kind of alcoholic beverage that’s popular at parties)

After you have bought all these ingredients, here are the directions you will need to follow to actually make the Jello shots:

Step 1. Boil the cup of water

Step 2: Empty the Jello gelatin or powder into a large mixing bowl

Step 3: Add the cup of boiling water into the large mixing bowl

Step 4: Continue stirring for approximately two minutes or until the Jello gelatin or powder is completely dissolved with the bowling water

Step 5: Add the half-cup of cold water into the bowl

Step 6: Add the half-cup of your preferred alcohol into the bowl

Step 7: Stir the cold water and alcohol until it is mixed into the dissolved Jello gelatin or powder and boiling water mix

And finally,

Step 8: Pour the mixture into the 2oz plastic cups until they are filled about one-half or three-fourths of the way

Once you have followed all these steps, place the lids on the cups so that they are safe from any spills and bring them to your party! You and your friends will all be thrilled, and your delicious and colorful homemade Jello shots will be the life of the party.

What are Jello shooter syringes?

Jello shooter syringesJello shooter syringes are basically syringes that you can fill with Jello shots and then squeeze into your mouth, without any harm or injection of course. They provide an effortless, painless intake that makes for a fun, quick, easy, and above all unique Jello shots experience. Jello shooter syringes are one of the, if not the, best ways to serve a variety of Jelloshots to your friends and guests during the next big party or event that you plan on attending or hosting. Jello shooter syringes are a fun, unique, and popular way of serving alcohol at any bar, fundraiser event, nightclub, birthday party, school party, or any other type of special gathering. All you will need to have are the regular ingredients for Jello shots listed above: water, flavored Jello gelatin or powder, and, of course, your preferred choice of alcohol beverage.

The process for making Jello shooter syringes is almost the same as making your regular Jello shooters except that in this case, the alcohol is being used in place of the cold water (the Jello shooter syringes will need to be frozen for a specific amount of time in a fridge later in the process in order to set). Any powdered or regular Jello gelatin product could be mixed in with any type of alcoholic beverage that is popular and regularly consumed at parties. The gelatin mix boxes that most Jello products come in are typically available in a couple of sizes and ounces. The ones that you should buy from the store to use for making Jello shots and Jello shooter syringes are the 3 ounce small boxes, which will need two cups of cold water/alcohol in order to make 10 two ounce Jello shots for a smaller or moderately-sized number of party guests, and the 6 ounce Jello mix box, which requires four cups of cold water/alcohol in order to make around 20 two ounce jello shots for a larger number of party guests.

So how do you make Jello shooter syringes?

Like Jello shots, Jello shooter syringes are easy, and lots of fun, to make at home. Here are the pieces and ingredients that you will need in order to make Jello shooter syringes at home:

    Jello shooter syringes
  • Plastic, needle-less syringes (the number depending on how many guests you plan on serving the Jello shots to)
  • A pack of flavored Jello gelatin or powder
  • 2oz. plastic cups and lids (again, these can be purchased from any local restaurant party supply store)
  • A measuring cup
  • A two quartz pitcher
  • A large mixing bowl or pitcher
  • A whisk or spoon
  • Boiling water

And finally,

  • Your preferred and desired choice of alcohol (again, it could be vodka, rum, or any other kind of alcoholic beverage that’s popular at parties)

Once you have bought and gathered all of these ingredients, here are the instructions that you will need to follow in order to make your very own homemade Jello shooter syringes!

Step 1: replace half of the water that is required to make normal Jello shots with the alcohol that you have chosen to make them with

Step 2: Boil the water in a cup

Step 3: In order to make a six-ounce pack of Jello, you will need about two cups of boiling water and two cups of cold water

Step 4: Substitute all of the cold water with the alcohol that you have chosen

Step 5: Measure the water needed by the gelatin

Step 6: Bring this amount of water to a boil

Jello shooter syringesStep 7: Once it boils, pour the water into the large mixing bowl or pitcher

Step 8: Add your choice of flavored Jello powder or gelatin to the mix

Step 9: Stir well until the Jello is completely dissolved into the mixture (a whisk would work better for this process than a regular mixing spoon)

Step 10: Measure your choice of alcohol with the precise amount of alcohol needed

Step 11: Pour this amount into the mixture

Step 12: Stir well until it is completely dissolved as well

Step 13: Take the syringes and suck the mixture from the bowl into them until they are full

Step 14: Place them inside the refrigerator to freeze overnight (they will need three hours to set, but require a full overnight refrigeration in order to fully set)

Step 15: Bring them to the party, or have them ready if the parry is being held at your house, and serve them cold to your guests

It is important to note that you should not use more alcohol than is needed or required since the Jello will not set up, and that the greater proof of alcohol that you use, the lesser amount of alcohol you should use. This means that you will have to use more cold water than is required in order to make the Jello shooters. Also, since the Jello shooter syringes require a full overnight refrigeration in order to fully set, it is best to prepare them the night before the party you plan on bringing them to instead of only a few hours before the actual party begins.

Jello shooter syringesOnce you have followed all these steps, you will have made your very own homemade batch of Jello shooter syringes! You and your friends will all be thrilled, and your delicious and colorful homemade Jello shooter syringes will be the life of the party.

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